Quick Tips – Five Tips on Tuesday/In the Garden

Here are a few quick garden tips. I have probably mentioned a few of them in previous posts, but they are worth repeating.

1. Are your hands too dirty to even touch the doorknob to get into the house? A net bag, think onions, potatoes etc., can be a terrific outdoor soap receptacle. I used some of my favorite flexible garden ties for this tip, wrapping the bag and attaching it to the hose spigot with the same tie.

2. Are you having a problem with ants getting into your hummingbird feeder? Wrap tape sticky side out around the hook post.

3. Are your hummingbirds tired? Just kidding—had to show this sweet hummingbird swing my husband gave me for Mother’s Day. Yes, I was thrilled with the gift!

4. Have your gorgeous tea roses reverted back to a deep red flower? Your rootstock has lived and the grafted on hybrid rose is gone. Since I think these wild roses are pretty in their own way, I will allow them to grow until they begin to look scraggly. The hybrid rose will not regenerate on this root stock. The only solution you have if you dislike the wild rose is to dig it up and replant a new hybrid rosebush. I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy the wild rose this year.

“Grafted roses, commonly called budded plants, are plants where the desired rose is grafted or budded onto a rootstock of a different type. The point where the desired variety and the rootstock meet is called the bud union.” ~ Houzz.com

5. Are weedy plants growing in the cracked areas of your sidewalk and concrete? Boiling water will kill them just as quickly as chemical poison sprays and will keep our world safer for upcoming generations.

21 thoughts on “Quick Tips – Five Tips on Tuesday/In the Garden

    1. That is always a happy moment. My flowers are all in, but I still have some small seeds to stagger plant…carrots, radishes. I only have a few small garden plots, so it’s easy for me, I’m sure your muscles will be complaining today.

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        1. Does this sound familiar…I was finished, but there are some things that are not growing fast and slightly stunted from the unseasonable cold we experienced. So…I am at the local Produce/Garden center and they are selling ‘salvage’ dahlias, in really good shape for 3.00 instead of 14.95. Did I say I was done??? I’m laughing at myself. I bought a flat…you had to buy the whole flat to get the special price. Thirty-six dahlias. Good thing they produce tubers and maybe I can save them over the winter for next year. Now…I am certainly done!

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    1. I love it too. Yesterday a finch landed on it. That’s a sign of success. It’s only been up since Sunday. I wonder if the hummingbird will use it. We often see him fly to dead limbs on our crabapple after he has a sip of nectar.


  1. Kathy,
    Saw this post only now- so sorry.
    Loved the tips.
    I love the wild rose one- I love roses, wild or hybrid- wish I could grow more in the hot weather we are having.
    I like the soap tip too.
    Also give us a tip on how to avoid having to squat on the ground, while gardening- what do you have for that ?

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    1. I have a little garden cart I can sit on, but Susie, I find myself kneeling on a little foam garden pad the most. I can’t reach as much on the cart, and it has wheels, and wheels combined with me and my constant rushing about means eventually I’m going to fall.

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    1. Thanks Elayne. I really like this one because I have grandchildren and don’t want them stepping on poisons around my home. It is also so much better for the environment. Thanks for stopping by and all the nice comments. It’s appreciated.

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