Pots & Pans – Repeat of a Repeat of a Repeat/Rollo Pretzel Bites

I had no intention reblogging this recipe yet again, but then I whipped up a batch for after Thanksgiving game playing. Oh MY!!! They are fabulous and everyone loves them…and they are so easy.

Rollo Pretzel Bites are a great recipe for the absolute perfect bite. There are only three ingredients involved: Square waffle type pretzels called “Snaps.”

Rollo candies, a bag or several rolls.

The third ingredient is pecan halves.

I use my toaster oven set on a very low temperature, around 275. I arrange the pretzels on the pan. (This year my toaster oven was broken so I used the large oven…works great too! I think the large oven is a bit faster)

 Place one rollo candy on top of each pretzel…

Place the pan in the toaster oven and watch closely until the bottom of the Rollo begins to spread out and melt. It only takes a minute or two.

To finish them off  lay one pecan half on the top, smoosh it down gently. Ah…the perfect bite in just minutes.

They are a bit pricey to make since pecans are so expensive right now, but definitely worth it. Your guests will love them.

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