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What do you do when a dreary Saturday has you rained-in (again) and you’re fighting a ‘humbug’ attitude because of too much to do? Well, my solution today has been to eat a handful of cookies (I’m in the midst of beginning the third batch of the day), and read a good book while more Christmas cookies bake. My book choice is Indoor Plant Decor by Kylee Baumle and Jenny Peterson. Thoughts of houseplants thriving and this book’s ideas and photos have actually elevated my mood. (Or is that the sugar I’ve eaten?😒)

The photograph of a plant inside a handbag gave me an instant uplift of mood. I also smiled over the plants in old instruments and the bottom of chairs. The book features 142 pages of tips and stunning photographs. I know I’ll come away inspired  to create fun houseplant displays throughout my home.

“With more and more people (5.9 million-plus) working from home or retiring from the workforce (10,000 new baby boomers retiring every day) the quality of the home environment is becoming more important than ever. Jenny and Kylee know that adding living plants to the decor pays off in enjoyment, pride of place, and an increased sense of well being (not to mention lower blood pressure, higher creativity and cleaner air quality).”
~ Goodreads

11 thoughts on “Pages – Indoor Plant Decor

    1. Timelesslady

      I love my indoor plants Arlene. I had to cut back a bit on the number, but I still have dozens…I bring many of the coleus cuttings indoors and have an even larger indoor garden in the winter.

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