Perspective – Angels We Have Heard & 100 Years Time

Time To Create – Timesquare Challenge

Did you know a fireplace hearth is a convenient place to produce art masterpieces? My grand-children do, and they use this area quite often for their creations. The youngest grand-daughter is diligent, and doesn’t quit until every inch of paper is covered in color. The girls especially love markers and crayons, and make magic with Princess Pink and Electric Blues.

I feel a sense of gratitude to their parents, school teachers and Sunday School teachers for instilling in them a love for art and singing. While they visited yesterday we danced to Rockin’ Robin, a fifties tune that is cheerful and sweet. The song was part of last year’s school program and the girls still love it. We also sang along to YouTube videos of Angels We Have Heard on High, their favorite song from last Sunday night’s Children’s Christmas Program. I will never forget the sight and sound of those sweet girls exuberantly singing ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo.’ I told them when I was a little girl I also loved singing Angels We Have Heard on High and we spent some time singing Christmas Carols available on Youtube.

Before we finished with our singing I played them an old Chuck Wagon Gang song. What a precious moment I had when I told them that when I was a little girl I would listen to these songs when I visited my grandmother, their great-great grandparent. It was near fifty years ago that I sang along to this group when my grandmother played the album on her stereo. It suddenly dawned on me as strains filled the room of a guitar strumming a quick overture to Echoes From the Burning Bush, that perhaps this would be a century long memory, and one day my grand-daughters will play this song and say to their own grandchildren, “When I was a little girl…” and I’m reminded again of how the Good News of Christ the Savior is best passed down from generation to generation through the centuries of time, and I ask you, are you spreading the Good News and the true reason for this season?

11 thoughts on “Perspective – Angels We Have Heard & 100 Years Time

  1. Kathy
    You asked a profound question there. I am quite sure I am not spreading the Good news to anyone. I hesitate to tell anyone about Christ and I hope people will see my actions and automatically see Christ through me. Oftentimes I am not good, so I know what they see will not be good but will be my own sinful character coming out and not the nature of Christ. So I don’t know how to do this. I wish I had the guts to speak about Christ to a nation who believes in Christ as a prophet but not as a messiah.
    I loved reading about your dancing to old Christmas tunes with the grand children and creating memories for them. It was 50 years back when you did this with your grand mother- 50 years back meaning late 1960s.
    I see a very boldness coming out in your posts these days- I am not sure if you notice the change or is it a change that is natural that brings out frankness and the guts to say what you believe in your posts. You are doing your job spreading the message, my good friend.
    God bless you ! You may not know what an inspiration you are to me- when I see your posts come up in my email, I feel often that ” God is in his heaven, all is right with the world”. Thank you for writing and using your talents to the fullest and being a blessing to people across continents.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Yes, Susie, it was the late 1960’s. She was a wonderful woman. Susie, I think so many of your posts come from your Christian perspective. You are spreading the Good News. We each have a different way to do this just as the world is filled with variety, the Holy Spirit blesses our uniqueness and the different ways we tell of His love. Susie, you are an inspiration to me. God bless you always. Kathy

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        1. Timelesslady

          I’m so glad you told me about being in your spam column. I had not checked mine in quite awhile, and sure enough, a sweet comment was laying in there, and I hadn’t replied to it.


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