Pleasures – Warm Day Walkabout/Emerging Spring

We’ve had an up and down week, snow one day, gorgeous sunshine and a taste of springtime the next. A midday walkabout was just what I needed.

A glance upward revealed a blush of Venetian red maple buds against the blue sky.

In my yard I noticed the wisteria pods have been scavenged for food. Spring can’t come quick enough for the hungry animals.

The daffodils are pushing upward. I love the smooth texture of the spring green in contrast to the brown leaves, mosses, and dried grass textures of winter.

I checked on my winter sown containers. Nothing is sprouting as of yet. It’s time for me to take my permanent marker outdoors again and reinforce the labeling of the contents. I don’t want to try and guess what’s growing inside when it’s time to plant.

As always, the first bloom in my garden is this tiny yellow crocus. Every year, it’s a reliable forerunner of all the glorious flowers to come. Am I excited about this taste of spring? Oh Yes!

9 thoughts on “Pleasures – Warm Day Walkabout/Emerging Spring

  1. It looks as if your weather is similar to ours and mind cold sown seeds aren’t coming through yet either. We’re getting it a bit warmer than normal for this time of year but March is usually bitterly cold – in like a lion and out like a lamb. I would hope to see some cold sown results later in March.

    I use a plant labeller, the print doesn’t fade and the adhesion is very good and you could be fortunate enough to be able to peel it off it’s contain and stick it on a plant marker.


    1. Timelesslady

      It really works too! I’ve had great crops inside, especially lettuces. The earlier they start to grow the better for me in this area. Sometimes we’ll have a warm Spring and they begin to go to seed quickly.

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