Plantings – Sowing Small Seeds

This method of planting small seeds might seem tedious, but I have tried many ways of sowing tiny seeds and feel this is the very best. So…here is a re-blogging of my small seed sowing method. I wish I could remember where I first heard of the process so I could give the proper source credit for the idea.

I have collected seeds from my coleus plants for well over ten years. Each year I plant the offspring of the previous year, the seedlings grow, are cross-pollinated by the bees, and new seeds are harvested in the late Autumn. I start my coleus very early, the seeds are small, quick to sprout, but slow to grow. I don’t sow them thickly into the flats. Seedlings sown too close together tend to get damp-off disease.

I found these great lidded containers made by Solo this year. They are the perfect coleus incubator/flat.

I sow the seeds sparingly using the sharpened point of a pencil. I dip the pencil point into water and touch it to one seed. The dampness grabs hold of the seed. I then touch the seed to the wet seed starter mix in the flat, and the seed adheres to the wet soil. I repeat this process between sixty and seventy times per flat.

I use wire garbage bag ties, marked in segments with magic marker, to guide me in the placement of the seeds.

After I sow a row of seeds I remove the wire guide so I don’t double sow a row.

The next step is a gentle, all-over spray of water to seal the seeds to the wet soil.

I then cover the flat with the lid. It is gratifying to see it instantly steam up with warmth and humidity.

I have good luck with the sprouting by placing the planted flat of coleus seed on top of my refrigerator or near, but not on, a heating vent. I’ll update the progress as the seeds sprout and grow.


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4 thoughts on “Plantings – Sowing Small Seeds

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  4. Evie Klein Whittingham

    Thanks. That was helpful. Looking at winter sowing for zone 5a/6b in southwestern Ontario north of Lake Erie. Evie in Ingersoll.


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