Quick Tip – Vine Support

This rather blurry photo is of a jasmine vine, blooming at this time in my home. The small blossom, about the size of a dime, emits a powerful fragrance. When the plant has several blooms the scent can fill the entire upstairs.

This variety of jasmine is a vining plant. I believe the variety is probably Jasminum sambac, possibly Maid of Orleans cultivar. The older branching vines turn woody with age, making them very sturdy. The new growth of the vines is green and supple and needs a bit of support. I use small  3/4 inch hair clips, easily found at a dollar store, to hold up the new growth until it hardens a bit.

The clips are easy to attach and remove, don’t bind the stems, and are surprisingly strong.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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