6 thoughts on “Pheathers – Silent Saturday/Backyard Hawk

  1. Love your photo of the Red-tailed Hawk. For approximately 9 years I’ve been following a pair who reside on Cornell’s campus. They mate for life. The female is named Big Red (“BR”) approximately 20+ years old and her new partner for the past couple years is Arthur (a much younger fella) about 3-4 years old now.

    BR’s prior mate, Ezra, was chasing prey on the campus, collided with a window; was severely injured and had to be euthanized. They enjoy chipmunks, squirrels and other smaller birds. Sadly, BR, wasn’t present during the accident and spent weeks searching for him (in the air and on campus).

    Cornell has fixed cams on each one of the huge lighting towers on their athletic field where the hawks build their nest. Every spring, BR lays 3 eggs and we are able to watch them hatch, etc. Such a joy to view. Little fuzz balls to sleek RT hawks.

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    1. Timelesslady

      I love the Cornell Cams. My husband and I enjoy spotting hawks in our area. A bald eagle is even spotted now and then near our home. Along the Delaware Bay, about 30 miles from us, we see eagles and ospreys, not as many hawks in that area as here. Thanks so much for the great comment. K

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    1. Timelesslady

      I had a really hard time seeing him through the camera viewfinder. I must have snapped a dozen photos, never really sure if I captured him. I was thrilled when I downloaded them and found I had centered the camera where I needed to, and did indeed have a photo of this beautiful bird.


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