Percolated & Pots and Pans – Rollo Pretzel Bites

I still make these every year. The only ‘percolated’ change is I lowered the temperature for mine to 225 degrees and make them on cookie sheets in the oven. They work exactly the same at the lower temperature in the full-sized oven. Delicious!

Rollo Pretzel Bites are a great recipe for the absolute perfect bite. There are only three ingredients involved: Square waffle type pretzels called “Snaps.”

Rollo candies, a bag or a roll. A bonus with the roll type is you do not have to unwrap each piece of candy.

The third ingredient is pecan halves.

I used my toaster oven set on a very low temperature, around 275 degrees. I arranged the pretzels on the pan.

A Rollo candy is placed on top of each pretzel…

I put the pan in the toaster oven and watched until the bottom of the Rollo began to spread out and melt. It only took a few minutes.

To finish them off I laid one pecan half on the top, smooshed it down gently, and there I had it…in just a few minutes…the perfect bite. Yum!

They are a bit pricey to make since pecans are so expensive right now, but definitely worth it.

Percolated/Quick Tip – Recycled Bubble Wrap and Padded Envelopes

It’s been quite awhile since I came up with a new category, or re-blogged an old, but still timely post. My new category is titled “Percolated.” In short, it means the post is still a good one, but over time I tweaked techniques, or found new uses for what I’ve blogged about. It’s all a matter of percolation.

My original post now includes extra uses I found over the years for padded envelopes I can’t bring myself to throw away.

Cut off envelope corners create a perfect piece of roundabout padding to protect the corners of picture or fine art frames you want to move or store.

Another way to use these cut off corners is on the edges of steel bed frames. Anyone who has cracked or gouged their shin on the sharp edges will appreciate this tip. A bit of double-sided tape holds the padding firmly in place.

Original Post: In the Autumn of the year, I hang this sweet welcome sign on my front door. The scarecrow and greeting are painted with acrylics on a heavy piece of slate making the piece very durable. My problem over the years is the racket the plaque makes by banging to and fro when the door is opened or shut. At some point, after years of bouncing around, I’m concerned the slate will crack and be ruined.

Bubble wrap to the rescue! Cut out cushioning strips and put them on the back of items that might be broken by movement. To safeguard the plaque, I cut a few bubble wrap envelope strips and glued them to the back with my glue gun. The whole process took about five minutes, and the strips work great. The racket is diminished and the plaque is protected.

Inspired by my success, I googled recycling bubble wrap. The Secret Yumiverse: 9 Poppin’ Uses for Bubble Wrap gave me two additional ideas. One was practical: put bubble wrap inside empty handbags/purses to help them keep their shape. The second just made me laugh: make a primitive burglar alarm by putting bubble wrap under the doormat/rugs near your front door. Funny, but hey, it just might work!

Praise – A Duet With Jesus

Creek at Hickory Run

I try to walk daily. Often as I walk I will softly sing songs of praise. A few days ago, as I happily strolled and sang, I heard another singer down the road a stretch. He was a jogger, with earphones, singing along to the tune. Suddenly, he let out a happy whoohoo in the midst of the song, and I smiled with happiness at the joy in his voice. The thought of his unabashed singing has uplifted me many times throughout the week.

I love this Bible verse: “For he (Jesus) says in the book of Psalms, ‘I will talk to my brothers about God my Father, and together we will sing his praises.’ ” Hebrews 12:2 (The Living Bible)  I like to think that when I sing songs of praise I am singing a duet with Jesus. Singing songs of Praise and Thanksgiving often ignites the presence of God within my life. It doesn’t matter if I harrumph along like a frog or trill melodious as a bird. The Lord God will inhabit the songs of his people.

I wonder how the world would change if people all around the world would stop throughout the day, lift up their voices in songs of praise, and sing a duet with Jesus.