Pressed Flowers – Blue Monday


Pressed Blue Hydrangeas – The secret to capturing these lovely shades of watercolor-like blues and greens is letting the flowers begin to age before you pick them for pressing. When the petals are streaked with many shades of blue and green, and have a papery feel, they are ready to press. Blossoms of hydrangea pressed too soon will quickly brown. I don’t use microwave heat to press hydrangeas, pressing between the pages of older books works best. These beautiful hydrangeas are a little preview of Spring in the midst of Winter.

8 thoughts on “Pressed Flowers – Blue Monday

    1. I do seal them at times with a product I bought by a caseload several years ago. It is book cover material, much like library book coverings. It has a low tack. It is very clear and soft. Years ago I sold hundreds of greeting cards made of pressed flowers through craft shows. I also sold them on the counter of the family hardware store. Nowadays, I only make them for special occasions. These hydrangeas will be moved around and photographed several times for clip art. After I took the photo I saw a few little leaves that are not attached to the main heart. I’ll shift all these around again today, play around a bit, and take more photos. Eventually they will be used for cards, etc., maybe even a framed heart for a room. They will fade quickly though, once they are in the light they lose that beautiful blue. Photographing them makes them timeless.

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