Play – Sabbath Day


I delight in the Sabbath Day. I rejoice in worshipping God our Father on this day of the week he has set aside as holy. It is also a day he asks us to rest. I enjoy the day of rest by forgoing everyday, monotonous tasks and playing a little. Some of my favorite ‘playgrounds’ are the many sites around the web that allow for photo tweaking. The photo above started out rather tame as a still life of one of my Willow Tree Angels amid a patch of ivy in my backyard. The photo was tweaked through the free site LunaPic. I used one of their art filters to alter the appearance of my photograph. It’s easy to upload a photograph and play with it. Have a blessed Sabbath!


Click here to visit LunaPic.

Phlowers & Phun – Tweaking The Tulips

Andy Warhol Effect in LunaPic
Andy Warhol Effect in LunaPic

The focus of yesterday’s post was a stand-alone photograph of yellow tulips. The flowers are beautiful on their own, but today I’m in a “tweaking” mood. I’m going to go to LunaPic and tweak the photograph a bit.

Tweaking – to change (something) slightly in order to improve it : to make small adjustments to (something) ~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary

To start: Upload your photograph to LunaPic. I have found if the upload in the center of the page does not work, it’s best to go to the “File” drop down box, click on “Upload Multiple Images,” and get your photo loaded with that command.

Here are a few samples of LunaPics Free Effects. Remember to “SAVE” your tweaked photograph before you exit the site. Anything not saved will be lost.

Draw Drop Down Menu - Cut Out Shape Oval
Draw – Cut Out Shape Oval
Effect - Lego Style
Lego Effect
Kaleidoscope Effect
Kaleidoscope Effect
Needlepoint Effect
Needlepoint Effect
3D Effect
3D Effect
Animation - Fire Effect
Animation – Fire Effect
Animation - Zoom Effect
Animation – Zoom Effect
Animation - Groovy Color Effect
Animation – Groovy Color Effect

Yikes! The animated effects can make me a little dizzy. There are so many effects and combinations to have “phun” with on the LunaPic Site. I’ve only shown a few. Give LunaPic a try…Happy Tweaking!