Quick Tips – A Trio of Tips


Don’t throw away onion skins, wash them, place in a baggie or container, and freeze. Onion skins are terrific additions to chicken broth stock. The skins add a lovely sparkle of yellow color. Onion skins can also be used to create natural dyes.


Drilling a hole in the ceiling or wall?


Drill through a clear plastic glass first. After drilling do not remove glass from drill bit.


Place plastic glass flat against wall or ceiling, drill your hole with the glass held in place.

My husband looked puzzled when I asked for a photograph of him drilling. “Why?” he asked.

“To use as a tip on my blog,” I answered.

“Everyone knows this tip already.” he teased.

For those of you like me who didn’t know, and never would have thought of this…WOW! What a great way to keep dust and debris off your furniture and floor.


The final tip…at your next gathering or party capture a little bit of whimsy. Welcome your guests with a greeting written in chalk on your sidewalk or drive. Guaranteed to start a party off with everyone smiling. 🙂

Pots and Pans – Quick Tip/Golden Chicken Broth Naturally

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I love to make homemade chicken broth out of whole stewing chickens or turkey carcasses left over from Thanksgiving or other special meals. I put the chicken, or the bones into a big pot, add varying amounts of celery, garlic cloves, salt, pepper, carrots, parsley and any other herbs that take my fancy that day. I don’t really measure these ingredients, it is usually what I have on hand. Onions are one ingredient I always add to my stockpot. I am very careful to use every scrap of onion skin that is free from discoloration. I wash this carefully and add it to my stock pot. The onion skins help to add that golden sparkle to chicken stock.

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A little dash of tumeric is another good choice for giving my chicken stock rich color. Tumeric is not only a colorful addition, it is also full of antioxidants and other benefits. You will find tumeric listed as an ingredient in many brightly colored foods.

Tumeric as a Coloring Agent