Planting – Terrarium/Glass Block

blog terrariums 019

A few weeks ago I received a surprise package in the mail from across the country. I saw by the return address that the package was sent from one of my nieces. I opened up the package and felt a surge of joy rush through me. Not only were the contents of the box amazing, but my joy was multiplied many times because the gift was so suited to me. Over the years my niece had noticed who I was, and the gift said to me that she understands the person that I am. Isn’t that what we all need most…recognition of who we really are inside? Need I say my niece is a beautiful soul! Thanks Natalie!

blog terrariums 017

Whimsical and bright, these mushrooms are the perfect component for terrarium decor. This week while walking around my local AC Moore I found the perfect receptacle for my treasures…a sturdy, heavy-bottomed glass block. As an added bonus the block has a lid that that fits perfectly, and is easily opened to add a breath of fresh air to the plantings.

blog terrariums 024

The terrarium turned out really cute, and I still have half of the mushrooms and stepping stones to use outdoors in our fairy garden in the Spring.

blog terrariums 026

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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