Plantings – Updated Posts


I thought I’d update a few past posts. The microgreen seeds I recently sowed, dated 2011, did great.

The seeds were purchased from Pinetree Garden Seeds. I recently ordered more seeds from the company and had them within a week. The sprouts are now a pretty decent size, and I’ve been “grazing” on them as I pass by. They are clean and ready to eat since they are in pots and elevated off the ground. A few cabbage butterflies have laid eggs, and the cruciferous vegetable sprouts have suffered a bit, but most of the plantings are tasty and still whole.


The Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce that I allowed to go to seed has really surprised me. I didn’t know lettuce would grow so very high. Yikes! It is near three feet tall and still growing. It is beginning to set some yellow flowers so I think I’ll be able to gather quite a bit of seed from it in a few weeks. I enjoyed experimenting with the lettuce that bolted rather than pulling all of it out of the garden plots.


I am absolutely “Over the Moon” in love with this gorgeous sage plant that unexpectedly showed up in my wildflower garden. Oh the color…amazing periwinkle blue…a hard shade to find in summer garden flowers. I will absolutely allow this to go to seed and gather it in the Fall. I will also press a few of the florets in hopes that they will hold onto the beautiful color. I have been so surprised by how lush my wildflower garden remained. It is August, granted a cooler one than usual, but still…wildflowers tightly sown still doing well in August??? Amazing!

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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