Place – Delaware Bay Part II/Bivalve, New Jersey


“New Jersey and oysters. It’s not widely known now, but in the first half of the 20th century, Delaware Bay was home to an abundant oyster population and a significant fishing industry to capitalize on it. A vibrant business community settled in Shellpile and Bivalve to harvest and process oysters, shipping them in long freight trains to markets in New York and Philadelphia.” ~ Hidden New Jersey Blog – Find more on the blogspot: Hidden New Jersey

We recently revisited the town of Bivalve, just a mile or two from the center of Port Norris, New Jersey. The museum surprised us, we had no idea Bivalve had a museum dedicated to the history of the Oyster Industry.


We enjoyed the displays. My two favorites were the old gallon-sized oyster cans and a natural weaving on the dock walls.



I fell in love with the swallows swooping among the rafters of the docks.


I just happened to take a lucky shot of one swallow at the same moment a Coast Guard boat passed by the docks.


If you are in Southern New Jersey, along the Delaware Bay, visit the town of Bivalve.


2 thoughts on “Place – Delaware Bay Part II/Bivalve, New Jersey

  1. Kathy,
    Enjoyed your descriptions as usual. I think if one needs to know about small towns and villages of the Eastern coast of the USA, one needs to read threepsandq.


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