Quick Tip – Easy Translation


Hello, My Friend – English
Helo, fy ffrind – Welsh
Hallo, Mein Freund – German

There are times I will visit a blog and find the post is written in another language. Google Translate is a great tool for detecting languages and translating the words into your own. I’ve also used the translator to compose a comment when a blog is written in another language. In the box above I’ve used the translator to say hello in a few of my ancestral languages.

7 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Easy Translation

        1. Now, chirpy would be right…I think I take after my grandmother on the other side. One of my earliest memories is of her, holding me in her arms near windows, where she had little glass birds. She would sing a song, we think now that she must have made it up because we can’t find it anywhere…it went like this…”Birdie, birdie in the tree, sing a little song for me. Birdie, birdie in the tree, sing a little, sing a little song for me.” It is a precious memory to me. Thanks Susie, for reminding me of her. The memories give my spirit strength.

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            1. Isn’t it both a happy thought, and also a thought of awesome responsibility, that what we say and do will be carried in the hearts of our children and grand-children? I can imagine you singing and chattering to your children Susie. I did the same, and I feel so very blessed that I had the opportunity to be with them. We are still close.

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Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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