Plant & Pharmacy – Tea Tree Oil – Benefits and Dangers


In our last excursion to Longwood Gardens we noticed this shrubby bush growing in the conservatory. The marker beneath it identified the plant as Leptospermum laevigatumas, or as it is better known, Australian Tea Tree.


Essential oil from the Melaleuca alternifoliae species of tea tree, is a well-known remedy for many kinds of skin conditions, ( Always diluted with a carrier oil or products such as Witch Hazel) and also a good addition to organic cleaning recipes. Care must be taken when using tea tree oil, as with any essential oil. Mayo Clinic Tea Tree Oil Warnings

Caution:  If you have cats, many essential oils can build up in their system and become toxic. Tea tree oil is one of these oils. More information on essential oils that are dangerous if you have pets can be found here:
30 Essential Oils Toxic to Pets

As with all essential oils care must be taken when using tea tree oil.

“Pure tea tree oil should not be ingested, and should be kept out of the reach of children; several cases of tea tree oil poisoning have been recorded. The oil can also cause contact dermatitis.” ~ Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

Reader’s Digest has a good article and list of some of the uses of tea tree oil: Tea Tree Oil Uses

17 thoughts on “Plant & Pharmacy – Tea Tree Oil – Benefits and Dangers

  1. Kathy,
    I am using tea tree oil currently to try to get rid of some cooking scars aka burn scars on both my hands- there are more scars than hand skin now. I haven’t noticed much difference except the more moisturized feel of my ageing skin.
    Kathy, Since there is no other way to contact you, forgive me for writing this here:
    I am disgusted with the things the media says about the New President- no chance given, no acceptance of a democratic process while using their rights as citizens of a democracy and voicing their opinions- wildly and vulgarly- they are unable to accept their responsibilities as citizens of a democracy, one of which is to accept a democratically elected leader if the process of electing that leader is accepted by the Constitution of the country, it would be fair to accept the verdict and allow things to move on rather than hindering every way and every day. Lots more to say and write.

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    1. Susie, I am disgusted with the media too. I think most people I know have had their eyes opened by how the media misleads the public. The media portrays the smallest thing as a large mistake on the side they dislike, and gloss over the vulgarity and actual breaking of the federal laws by those who are their mouthpieces. I am disgusted by the ‘celebrities’ and I find I am pulling away more every year from movies, television dramas and comedies, etc., because they are so offensive and little by little are chipping away at the morality and common sense of our country. I know that in other countries around the world the same is often true. I appreciate your comment Susie…you are right in your thoughts. God bless. Kathy

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        1. I have to do it periodically, and others have told me that my comments have been in their spam folder. I think there are a few key words that cause it and also including a link is a red flag. I’m glad you did include the link though…it allowed me to easily find your blog and follow it. Thanks for the comment.

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