Pharmacy & Quick Tip – Time for Frankincense

Colds and Coughs are not the C-words you want to experience at Christmas. At this time of year we need to cultivate a bit of contentedness, rather than pushing through responsibilities, and even the fun times, oblivious to our own needs.

City Sonnet’s December Photo a Day Challenge is Start with C. Comfort is the c-word I’m hoping to bring to a loved one through Frankincense essential oil. He has come down with a cold during the busiest time of the year.  I’m hoping to ease his stuffy nose with hot water and a few drops of Frankincense in a diffuser near the chair he is resting in. I was surprised to find this 100% pure essential oil available in my local drugstore. Frankincense packaged for aromatherapy is not to be taken internally. The fragrance reminds me a bit of Tea Tree Oil, another great choice for clogged sinuses.

“Frankincense is particularly effective if you’re dealing with a terrible cough, or any type of respiratory infection, for that matter. Breathing in frankincense essential oil (via a diffuser or hot steam) will help break up the mucus in your lungs, while simultaneously acting as an anti-inflammatory for your nasal passages.”
                     ~ Elite Daily/Six essential oils for colds

My choice to use Frankincense is timely, a perfect reminder of the one of the gifts that the Magi brought to Jesus. This post and photo are part of the #timesquare challenge hosted by The Life of B.

Another way to boost your mood on this Nurturing Thursday is to take a few moments to listen to good music. This, That and the Other’s 30 Day Song Challenge topic is A Song you Like from the 70’s’.  I posted Aspenglow last year as a favorite, and I’m once again posting it. The beginning chime effect, John Denver’s voice, and the beautiful lyrics always have a calming effect on my inner spirit. Enjoy!

Another way to relax is to sit down and watch an old movie. Frankincense reminds me of one of the brother’s names in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, one of my favorites. Here’s the amazing Howard Keel singing about his future bride. This 1954 movie is a classic.

Pharmacy – Homemade Golden Happiness

I recently read about “Golden Milk.” The thought of warm, golden goodness bringing about an uplift in mood and good health instantly made me happy, a sure sign I needed to try the idea. Warm milk is soothing, turmeric full of antioxidants and all manner of good things that fight or prevent everything from cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, etc., etc., etc. Plain and simple…turmeric is good stuff! Honey, I could write paragraph after paragraph on how I love honey, but I want to keep this brief.

I looked up Golden Milk or as it is sometimes called, Golden Tea and found dozens, if not thousands, of recipes and articles, it’s one of those topics with almost too much information to sort through. My way to create Golden Milk is easy: 1 cup of warmed milk, a teaspoon or two of honey, and 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric. Stir several times to incorporate the turmeric. Ah, it’s delicious…but oh dear, it’s so soothing it makes me want to nap.

I’ve also included a duckling planter in the photo because the expression on the duck’s face always makes me smile. It has a number on the bottom and appears to be a vintage piece.

Plant & Pharmacy – Tea Tree Oil – Benefits and Dangers


In our last excursion to Longwood Gardens we noticed this shrubby bush growing in the conservatory. The marker beneath it identified the plant as Leptospermum laevigatumas, or as it is better known, Australian Tea Tree.


Essential oil from the Melaleuca alternifoliae species of tea tree, is a well-known remedy for many kinds of skin conditions, ( Always diluted with a carrier oil or products such as Witch Hazel) and also a good addition to organic cleaning recipes. Care must be taken when using tea tree oil, as with any essential oil. Mayo Clinic Tea Tree Oil Warnings

Caution:  If you have cats, many essential oils can build up in their system and become toxic. Tea tree oil is one of these oils. More information on essential oils that are dangerous if you have pets can be found here:
30 Essential Oils Toxic to Pets

As with all essential oils care must be taken when using tea tree oil.

“Pure tea tree oil should not be ingested, and should be kept out of the reach of children; several cases of tea tree oil poisoning have been recorded. The oil can also cause contact dermatitis.” ~ Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

Reader’s Digest has a good article and list of some of the uses of tea tree oil: Tea Tree Oil Uses