Quick Tip & Pets – Cat Scratch Mat


My cats Rusty…


and Hans, love to sharpen their claws. This is not a good thing if it involves furniture or rugs. I’ve found a bit of catnip, a fibrous doormat, and a box of some kind makes a quick, easily moved, cat scratch mat.


Place the mat over something that will give it some height.


In our case we used a wooden box. Sprinkle the area that has a bit of a bend with catnip you’ve finely ground. The catnip sinks into the fibers. To stir this up for easier smell appeal my cats sharpen their claws against the swell of the mat against the box. Voilà  the perfect cat scratch toy, and better yet, it is about a third of the price what a store-bought mat will cost you.

8 thoughts on “Quick Tip & Pets – Cat Scratch Mat

    1. Yes, they are only indoor cats…at times they go on the porch in better weather. We keep them in because we had a indoor/outdoor cat that came down with feline leukemia so we didn’t want a repeat of that. They catch it from each other outdoors.

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        1. Mine mew to go out on the porch too. I will open the door, and they will just look at it, nervously, and though they want to go out in their hearts, they are skittish and won’t take that step a lot of times. In warmer weather I can prop it open, but now it is cold, and if they decline to go out, I have to shut the door to keep the heat in.

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