Quick Tip – Dollar Store Upcycles/Paint Palette


Easter is the perfect occasion to find egg trays in local dollar stores. These segmented plastic plates make a perfect paint palette.


Each egg shape will hold a paint color; the center well is a perfect mixing area.


Watercolor tip: Let the colors mingle by gently tilting plate. The color will have natural variegation and look more natural when brushed on the paper.




9 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Dollar Store Upcycles/Paint Palette

  1. Kathy,

    The egg shaped palettes are so good to take colors in and allow them naturally to mix, which as you said brings natural variegation in the colors. Looking forward to seeing your spring paintings.

    I would not know where to keep it, so I have stopped hoarding. It reduces expenses and also keeps the home clutter free.

    Praying for you, every day.

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    1. Thanks so much Susie…I appreciate the prayers. I have a room where I am able to keep art supplies. Once my boys grew up and moved to their own homes I had some areas to spare. It makes it nice to start a project and not have to clear it away, but of course, I would fill those rooms back up with my boys if I could turn back time. Kathy

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