Planting – All One Color/Moss Gardening

Over the last few months I’ve been collecting moss. A bit from here, a patch from there, I find it in places where motorcycles have created ruts on woodland paths, in deep holes dug by children for their games of war, in low places on the side of the roads I travel. Earth seems to heal her wounds in deep green moss.

I thought moss was a good entry in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for this week. CFFC: All One Color

Collecting mosses is easy. I always try to take a piece that is not in an area where people walk or gather. I don’t want to blight the beauty of the landscape by being greedy. Since I’ve collected only bits at a time, the moss garden has taken about eight weeks to complete. The area is shady, the main job in maintaining and nurturing the patch will be to water, water, and water. I must be diligent in this area if I want to have success. It will still be a long shot. When the summer weather nears one hundred degrees even the hardiest plants begin to wilt.

Most mosses have very shallow roots. To plant I use a trowel, rough up the soil a bit, lay the moss on the stirred up ground and water.

I isolated a few of the greens in the mosses, there are surely dozens more, but this is a good representation of some of the tones the moss contains. If you are interested in moss and growing a moss garden take a look at these sites.
Moss and Stone Gardens
Moss Gardening
Growing Moss

11 thoughts on “Planting – All One Color/Moss Gardening

  1. Kathy,
    Love a green post. My eyes thirst to see green in this hot weather. A mossy post is a very soothing post.
    Nature does seem to heal by growing moss within its hurts. What beautiful sentiment, expressed so poetically.
    I am going to pray that your moss garden thrives through the summer and perhaps through the winter too.

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  2. Just the other day I talked about having read of a moss garden, and here you posted pictures of yours! I’m sure it’s going to be lush and most relaxing to view. Moss is the only thing that thrived in our shady yard on Long Island. We had only one kind, the kind that put itself there. If only I’d known to forage for more!

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  3. I have never, ever considered growing (extra) moss! What a marvellous idea! 🙂
    Having said that – there is quite a lot of it in the lawn already. 😦
    Still – your post made me sms – thank you.
    Kindness – Robert.

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