Phloral – IAVOM – Hyacinths and Ivy

Hyacinths and Ivy in a green Mason jar, surrounded by a sprinkling of sea glass. I brought a few in to have an up close and personal encounter with not only the gorgeous lavender blooms, but also to enjoy the strong fragrance that fills the kitchen as they mature. I hope they will keep on blooming all through the week.

My vase is part of IAVOM/In a Vase on Monday.

15 thoughts on “Phloral – IAVOM – Hyacinths and Ivy

    1. I love the sea glass in combination with the vase and hyacinth. I am hoping to get outdoors to gather a few more bulb plants for a vase today, but I am not sure if the weather is going to allow it….there is a Nor’easter coming up the coast. We are just getting rain, but New England is getting snow I think.


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