Photo Challenges – Cosmic Photo Challenge: Straight Lines

This is the first time I have come across this great challenge. So happy to take part today after going on a bit of a nature walkabout with my camera. Cosmic Photo Challenge: Straight Lines; come along and walk with me…

The woods nearby yielded some interesting textures and lines. Weathered and worn, with straight lines engraved by years of lying on the woodland floor.

Cross the bridge with me, the straight lines of the planks support your steps, but add a bit of bounce and sway too as they carry you over a shallow gully.

A straight line of lichen grows within the confines of the tree bark. The beautiful greens match the color of my kitchen walls.

In the straight lines between the brick steps on my back porch the Creeping Jenny is showing signs of greening up into her Springtime chartreuse.

In the front garden beds, cress is beautifully unfurled between the straight lines of driveway and brick. This is one of my favorite plants for foliage pressings. More on that later on in the week.

9 thoughts on “Photo Challenges – Cosmic Photo Challenge: Straight Lines

      1. Well the prompts usually come as much of a surprise to me as they do to everyone else (as I often don’t remember to post them until the last minute), but I do love any excuse to get out in the countryside, so you’ll not be short of reasons to go walking. ;~}


        1. Oh, I’m so glad I did it right. I never know if I am going to have a tech-savvy day or a tech-disaster day. It’s a toss-up most of the time. And one of my computers is near ten years old, the other is a hand-me-down, they have days when they are very temperamental.


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