Phloral – IAVOM – Hyacinths and Ivy

Hyacinths and Ivy in a green Mason jar, surrounded by a sprinkling of sea glass. I brought a few in to have an up close and personal encounter with not only the gorgeous lavender blooms, but also to enjoy the strong fragrance that fills the kitchen as they mature. I hope they will keep on blooming all through the week.

My vase is part of IAVOM/In a Vase on Monday.

Project – Ivy Hanging Basket

One thing I have in abundance is ivy. My backyard has a dry area of ground beneath the pine trees and the only thing that will grow there is ivy…so ivy it is. Good thing I like ivy. Each year, two or three times during spring, summer and autumn, I must pull the ivy climbing the tree trunks away from the bark. This year I found a good use for the long strands.

I saved the cuttings and used the longer pieces to create a living hanging basket. I wove the ivy through the wire mesh of the basket, tucking the ends to the inside.

I cut the bottom off of two brown paper bags and lined the basket with them, carefully trimming away the excess paper level with the top of the basket.

A few petunias finished off the project. I gave it all a good watering and hung the basket from a hook beneath the crabapple tree.

The cooler weather and frequent misting with the hose has kept the ivy alive. I’m hoping the roots will eventually pierce the paper bag and the ivy will begin to grow again. I’ll update in a month or two.

Pressed Flowers – Fairy Dress

dress of leaves

In January I walked the woods and searched my yard for anything leafy or green to press. I found an assortment of items, you can read the post about my search and what I found here: January Pressings

This week I used my pressings to create a sweet fairy dress. The whimsical side of my nature was quite pleased with the result. The picture measures 5 x 7, and is bordered with words cut from a children’s paperback. I used an old book that was yellowed  with age. This enabled the words to blend into the mulberry paper and create an aged look.


The materials I used to create my fairy dress were a piece of 5 x 7 beige mulberry paper and an instant grab glue.

floral pin tool

Two additional tools I use for pressed flower work are a paintbrush, good for lifting fragile flowers, and a pearl floral pin, perfect for running a small amount of glue beneath an errant edge.

I began my designing by cutting a bodice top and waist into an ash leaf. Remembering that most fairy dresses have the look of the ethereal about them, I cut a slit up the front of the skirt in order to take away the impression of heaviness and formality.


I added a decorative edge of trimmed lamium leaves, a sprig of moss, and the lace-like petals of a spent sage flower.

belt and peplum

To give the dress an airy look I created a peplum ruffle out of moss sprigs and a belt out of a cut ivy leaf.


I crafted a hat out of the top of the ash leaf, adding a jaunty sprig of moss and flower petals.


I adore the shoes. They are cobbled out of one ivy leaf and sport some lacy sage flower petals.


The handbag is composed of an ivy leaf and sage petals. A moss sprig handle adds a touch of greenery. I used the backside of the ivy for the top of the bag, and the front of the same leaf, pointed edge cut away, for the bottom.

So much fun…yesterday I went out to collect for February’s fairy dress, alas, there is very little out there. The snow and frigid temperatures of winter haven’t left much for pressing. I plan to go out again soon and make a more thorough search…updates will follow.

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