Plant, Pressed Flowers and Preparedness – Wild Cress

I have pressed flowers for years. I usually begin pressing in late winter or very early spring. One of the first pieces of foliage I press is a feathery little weed, which for years I have called, “My favorite weed.” Imagine my surprise and delight when it suddenly began to grow in the terrarium I created months ago. Recently my happiness was doubled when I found “my favorite weed” on a preparedness site and learned its proper name, Wild Cress. It turns out this little gem of a plant is not only perfect for pressing, but also is a wild edible, full of vitamins and nutrients.

Here are a few examples of my pressed flower cards using “My favorite weed,” Wild Cress

Wild Cress was eaten by early settlers to ward off scurvy in the winter. It has a peppery taste and makes a great salad green.

Wild Cress is a natural home remedy for many ailments. You can read more about it’s medicinal properties here: Wild Cress in Home Remedies

Wild Cress gone to seed will pop into your eye. I’ve pulled it out of my flower beds and closed my eyes while I’ve done so many a time. Read about this fact along with how to feed wild cress to rabbits here: Wild Cress/Popping Seeds

Wild Cress is easy to identify and is one of the most edible weeds. I doubt I would ever mistake anything else for Wild Cress after handling it for over twenty years. Great caution must be taken when eating anything growing wild. Some wild plants are deadly poison. Don’t eat anything wild unless you are absolutely sure  it is edible. Here are a few other edible weeds: Edible Weeds

4 thoughts on “Plant, Pressed Flowers and Preparedness – Wild Cress

    1. Timelesslady

      I use several types: Elmers, rubber cement, egg white, and also glue sticks. I also use clear contact paper and lay the flowers on it front to back. In that case I don’t need glue. Thanks for the question.


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