Planting – Motivated on Monday/Sprouts & Microgreens


Winter arrived Saturday night here in southern New Jersey. We had watched the forecasts, knew she was barreling toward us, and sure enough we heard the knock of her wind right before we went to bed. Sunday morning dawned cold and blustery. Our mailbox was a casualty, knocked off our porch, we found it on the neighbor’s front lawn.

Gardeners, like me, are probably mourning the end of the season. The good news is the first of the seed catalogs has already arrived at my house. At this time of year, I also appreciate my sprout and micro-green seeds. The nutrient-packed food they produce is not only good for my body, but an excellent remedy for the grief the gardener in me feels when outdoor planting and harvesting comes to an end.

If you have leftover vegetable seeds from the garden, many of them can be grown as microgreens.

10 thoughts on “Planting – Motivated on Monday/Sprouts & Microgreens

  1. I am doing Biology with my daughter and currently we are doing evolution and adaptation and such. One of the things we learnt together was hibernation and the other was aestivation- both perfect for this sort of wintry weather. The animals know how to do things well.
    When things don’t go their way, they know to just give up, put their hands up and go underground, till things start looking up.
    We humans cry, rant, make a noise, create a riot, say we won’t accept the candidate who won fair and square and all sorts of childish things but animals are so much more mature and so are plants, for that matter.

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