Planting & Project – Terrarium in Photos


I chose a thrift store vase for this project. The bottom is heavy, a good choice since this will keep the terrarium from easily flipping over.


A layer of pebbles…


A layer of charcoal…


A layer of potting soil…


Moss and small garden cress plant dug up from outdoors…


I rolled the sheet of moss into a tube to slip into the slender neck of the vase…


A pencil tamped the plants in place…


A bit of water from a slender tipped nozzle…a few seeds of alyssum…


And a beautiful Block Island stone with a stripe running through it…magical! This post will be continued next week with a surprise upcycled stopper for the terrarium top.

10 thoughts on “Planting & Project – Terrarium in Photos

    1. Hi Susie, It is a small group of plants, moss, etc., within a glass enclosure. I have used a small vase for mine. I am going to make a stopper for the top that will help keep the humidity inside. This keeps the terrarium almost self-watering when placed in sunshine. For this one though, I am going to let more air-flow in. When they steam up it is hard to see what is inside. Kathy


Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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